Shiosai Beach Volleyball Stadium

Shiosai Beach Volleyball Stadium

The last two weeks for me have been hectic and almost non-stop.  Had to meet my fiancee’s parents in Niigata, then hit up a few onsen and some sake breweries there.  Then down south to Kyoto and Nara.   Burnt through a lot of cash with all the transportation, hotels and dinners.  When I was single I didn’t think twice about money, but now that I am  gladly hitched, I need to be a little more careful about how I splurge.  I have to think for four people.   If I eat it’s like eating for two people, and with my girl that makes three people.  4th is what we hope is on the way.  

I am posting this because if I forget it won’t get done.  Some of you will not find this information useful because it wasn’t intended to be useful.  Keep it moving.  I am posting this to express my apotheosis for Japanese women, as usual.  On this recent trip, I took my girl with me this time to enjoy a little leg and ass worship down in southern Osaka at the Shiosai Beach Volleyball Stadium - home of the gods of femme beauty.

Now, every summer I always say I’m going to check out a beach volleyball tournament but never get around to it.  But this time I was lucky enough to grab two court side seats.   My eyes were blessed by all the bounce and sweat, but actually I was a little more mellow this time around.  My future wife rides the velodrome as a “Keirin” athlete, or in other words a avid cyclist.   Whenever I come home she’s got the $2000.00 bike parked in the kitchen!  So I got all the legs and ass I need at home!  And I can’t wait to get home!  

The post may seem self serving, but in reality I believe it’s meant to highlight how exciting life is in Japan in mid-summer.  There are tons of sporting events and various sporting venues all over Japan.   Japan has the most female World-Class athletes in the world, with many competing on the international level.  Japan has the most beautiful female athletes in the world, only to rival those in Europe.   What they lack in size they make up for in finesse and sheer beauty inside and out.   No other country in the world shares such a dynamic.   Nowhere.  Not one single foreign born female athlete dominates any sport within Japan, on Japanese soil.  Only Japanese women rule the sporting world in Japan whereas Japanese men have become a bunch of fags who can't even hold down even the most sacred of all sports.  

Here at Shiosai, home of beach volleyball in Japan, you can witness true amazonian type Japanese women leaping over nets and driving their bodies into the sand.   Their powerful midriffs and butts are flawless, even their hair somehow remains in tact all throughout the game.    As I sat court side, the usual  smorgasbord of pervs took the front row, me included.   One guy  had on a pair of thick shades and he sat within ass sniffing distance from the server!  I do not blame him!   The smallest person on the team was 170cm tall.   After the game I had a chance to meet and greet the winners as they were showering outside - in suits of course.   They were curious about my sweetheart and how she allowed me to even go near there.  Every guy there was single it seemed.  

The tallest player wanted to take a picture with me, I couldn’t.  I got a tug on my sleeve.   Just for your reference beach volleyball was born in Santa Monica California my hometown, so I am no stranger to the actual sport.  It is my favourite spectator sport.    I probably won’t be down this way again, but it’s nice visiting another part of Japan and enjoying the beauty of female sports.


Rikujyo Jietai : Japan Ground Self Defense Force


Japan Ground Self Defense Force is a fully equipped battle unit, make absolutely no mistakes ladies & gentlemen.  I witnessed an amazing display of firepower from both land and air; deadly accuracy.

I felt the ground shake beneath my feet, I heard as the rockets streaked through the air at supersonic speeds!   Tactically, this is a highly effective battle unit that can mobilise in minutes if called upon.

60 years ago Japan was forced to sign the American mandates Constitution, and all vestiges of Japan's military was overhauled and essentially scrapped.   Judicial martyrs were tried and hanged and the Board of Education essentially destroyed the Japanese mind.   Up rooting the national pride once felt by all Japanese, and now replaced by American worship.   Pride is not a feeling, it's an action backed by feeling.   It is not subdued it is used.   Pride is not about how much you love Japanese food, or how many kimonos you drape across your body.   Pride means you love these missiles that protect Japan.

If there was a preemptive strike on Japanese soil tomorrow only the women of Japan would fight to protect the homeland while Japanese men would be either in the pachinko parlours or busy begging the Americans to protect them with Nonomura faces!   This is a fact.  

The Japanese men in "uniform" will also gladly step up to the plate and defend Japan.  These are well trained Japanese commandos who are simulating a fast roping technique for quick insertion, perhaps a drill to retake the islands held by Korea.  

Motorcycle attack landing for quick kill and move drills.   Japan needs to be ready!

I am all for defending Japan against all enemies both foreign and domestic.   What I am against is Pacifism and silly notions about living in a world where there are no wars.  Only poor people in developing nations wish they had political leverage and economic hegemony  like industrial nations.
The only reason North Korea is feared is because it has a nuclear deterrent, Japan needs one, too.

  Yes! Japan has entered into a whole new era of military sophistication.  Its  tank divisions and armored units are fast and efficient.   Its  war birds are tactically proficient and strike with deadly accuracy, but does this make them ready for a strike against China or Korea?   I don't know.... Can these men defend and protect Japan?  I have full confidence.  I feel safer!

("The fist of Japan has evolved; long gone are the sissies who blew themselves to bits on Surubachi.   The military fist of Japan is great now, as are the Japanese Comnandos who would make even the late great Yukio Mishima choke up and cry.   The Japanese military has come along way through its technology.  The idea that Pacifism would assuage the masses  was as much a ruse than an example of how modern nations should model their constitution after.   A ruse to allay  the Left who have vigorously sought to prosecute the nation of Japan 60 years later.  Pacifism has eaten away at the core of most sensible right leaning moderates - everyday Japanese people").


Tokyo International Volleyball Grand Prix!

For the first time I attended the 2014 FIVB Tokyo International Volleyball Grand Prix Finals.   
I was impressed at the athletic prowess of all  the female athletes, not just the Japanese.   Never have I seen so much style and finesse displayed on a volleyball court.   One strength team Japan shows often is the ability to defend and repel a volley from a very low position.  I feel this is where their strength lies in addition to how low they can get to the ball.   As attackers they are not bad, but lack the same level of power as their Western counterparts.   The Russians were strong on the offensive side,  and took every opportunity to spike the ball hard and fast down the center of the court.   Team Japan was very delicate and docile with the ball.

Japanese female athletes  have been consistently out performing Japanese men on the  international stage for years.    Judo, soccer, and volleyball, just to name a few, are  among  many of the great sporting events 
dominated exclusively by Japanese female athletes.   The dearth of Japanese male athletes  is alarming in today’s  sporting world.  Even the most revered sport like sumo has been dominated by foreigner nationals; not one single top tier Japanese wrestler in the last decade.  Pundits claim that it’s Japan opening up to the international community and that foreign born wrestler are more competitive that’s the blame.  This 
is bullshit.  It’s because of a pure lack of talent and physical ability that’s the blame, and too many Nonomura-types that dominate the sport of “cry-baby."

If you are tall then you should either play volleyball or basketball, is the most common perception.  Team Japan was very disproportionate in terms of height.   They had very short players and tall players whereas team Russia were all tall.  This is good if you have a power game but bad for defensive play; tall people cannot get to the ground as a fast as a shorter players and this is where Japan's advantage was all through-out the game.  My favourite players are Uchiseto!   Ishida, and Ebihara-san.   

I could be spending my summer in a nice hot spring spa, and  in typical fashion, but this year I chose to enjoy watching a good sport.   If you are interested in checking out upcoming sporting events head on over to e-plus and browse through their database.   Tickets for court side seats starts at around $80.   Standard is around $50.   Lines were ridiculously long for food and beer.  I recommend bringing your own stuff.  


Mrs. Soul of Japan

From the Desk of McTojo,  [ Theme music:  Tamar Braxton - Love and War]  

I have reached a milestone in my life.   Could this mean something for me and for this blog, or even for the future Mrs. Soul of Japan? I have been humbled, and I no longer speak or blog of or about Japan without her guidance.   The direction of this blog will take  a new direction from now on, but it won’t totally disappear.    I am no longer one voice, but two voices.  My steel has been tempered in the hot fires of our passion.  

The soul of Japan was originally forged by the clean blue flames of my love and by my apotheosis of this great nation.  The sake flowed at times while I burnt the midnight oil, when I was caressing  the smooth tout skin of my Jukujo.   I put pen to paper and delivered on  a promise I had made to myself that I would explore and bring forth to the world the very beauty of Japan’s rich cultural heritage.     Albeit, a slightly skewed interpretation, one that exalted the virtues of the Jukujo, Japanese sake, and natural hot springs spas.    For over a decade I have delivered.  I am the pioneer of Jukujo love in this country.    I am the pioneer of Japanese sake love, sex, and sensuality.   I am the love doctor of sake, the only brother of my kind.  

Being delivered the other night from the scars of racial bigotry left over from the Wars against white supremacy and Japanese white ass-lickery, the veils have been removed.     I now have a more clearly defined purpose that has been set in motion by the now most important person in my life!   I no longer worship the emperor of Japan, but I respect what he represents for the nation of Japan.   I no longer draw the lines of cultural superiority and cultural imperialism.   I am no longer the most eccentric foreign born right-wing nationalist in the history of Japan.  That role is now reserved for Mr. Texas Daddy.   I now only preach of the love that has given birth to my soul, through the loins of the Japanese Jukujo.   I am reborn yet again. 

We, her, me speak from one voice!    

That beautiful daughter of "yukiguni" snow country.  That beautiful snow kingdom in the north written of by novel prize winner Yasunari Kawabata.  That beautiful land which  overflows  with premium Japanese sake, and hot steamy onsen spas.  That land I have frequented all too many times,  the land of my sweet.  


Japan The Beautiful

Okakura Kakuz┼Ź "Asia is one. The Himalayas divide, only to accentuate, two mighty civilisations, the Chinese with its communism of Confucius, and the Indian with its individualism of the Vedas. But not even the snowy barriers can interrupt for one moment that broad expanse of love for the Ultimate and Universal, which is the common thought-inheritance of every Asiatic race, enabling them to produce all the great religions of the world, and distinguishing them from those maritime peoples of the Mediterranean and the Baltic, who love to dwell on the Particular, and to search out the means, not the end, of life."
There are times that I veer from that path by writing about topics related to social progress, food, and some other indulgence. But ultimately, I seek to merge all of the things I love about Japan into one conceptualisation of what this country means to me, and hopefully to others. As nebulous as Shintoism is for many of us including Japanese, has a lot to do with the charm of this country. The Japanese have evolved spiritually and culturally through the transmission of language and culture passed over from India, China, and Korea, and thus far has managed to retain only the best practices of Confucianist thought and practice within its social hierarchical structure. Since the Asuka Period, Japan has truly been born into a spiritual brotherhood of Asians from the arts to the sciences, to music and linguistics. Since the ancient days of Nara the fusion between God and man has shaped the the very thoughts of the Japanese race.
When Westoxified Asian intellectuals get together to aggrandise the capitalist they often forget that what defined previous generations wasn’t always about money and vast wealth, but about the core tenets of life and the martial way of life that shaped the Arts. Westoxified Asian intellectuals have tired of the shackles of centuries old pragmatism in exchange for Western indulgences that have undermined the spiritual potential of Japan. Not too long ago, it was common for Japanese to visit temples to pray when times were tough or when there was uncertainty in ones own life, now they just drink their problems away. However, when I look into her eyes I know that there is still hope. Hitomi
So I am a semi-pro photographer now. I have been a photo hobbyist for years, but now I am serious. In this next phase of my blogs evolution I will introduce my own beauty through pictures. These ideas have developed over the years and is finally reaching a phase that I am comfortable with. Juzu are called Buddhist prayer beads. Another name would be Buddhist rosary. The Juzu is used to count the number of times a mantra is recited whilst meditating. The beauty of Hitomi is so nostalgic for me. Reminds me of a time, not too long ago when I walked on streets adorned with pink pedals. I could smell lavender and frankincense wafting through the air. Perhaps blown over on a northerly breeze from Hokkaido, like the seasons being dizzy and confused and befuddled like I am when I look at you - Hitomi.
Smokey cauldrons filled with incense sticks emit a dainty plume of grey smoke into the air for good luck. Since Hitomi’s was the first bunch of sticks in this cauldron I imagined the smoke couldn’t rise in the midst of an angel. Maybe spell bound. The gentle mother-womanliness is exquisitely beautiful to me. The beauty of Hitomi is so nostalgic of a bygone era in Japan. Way back when words meant something. Reminds me of a time, not too long ago too, when I walked on streets adorned with pink pedals. I could smell lavender and frankincense wafting through the air. Perhaps blown over on a northerly breeze from Hokkaido, like the seasons being dizzy and confused and befuddled like I am when I look at you - Hitomi.
Jukujo is refined and matured beauty. Japanese men do not understand this meaning, even as babes born from their mothers wombs, they still to this day insist that the word means “decrepitude.” But, they are wrong, as with many things.


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